CO2 Fittings

The NDL CO2 copper fittings (C19400 high-pressure copper) are specifically designed for use in CO2 refrigeration and HVAC systems. These fittings are made from a high-quality copper alloy that provides added strength and durability. The unique design of these fittings allows for a secure and long-lasting connection, making them ideal for use in high-pressure applications.

Some of the NDL fittings properties are:

  • Thicker walls
  • Higher weight
  • Tight fit
  • Size is stamped on each fitting for easy identification

Tee copper fittings are used in refrigeration systems to connect three pipes or tubes. These fittings are made of high-quality C19400 copper, which is a strong and durable material that is resistant to corrosion and can withstand high temperatures and pressures. These Tee fittings are made specifically for installing a service valve on a tube. They are easy to install and provide a tight, leak-free seal. Suitable for service valves with 10 mm stainless steel stubs (for example, NDL CO2-HS10).