CO2 Valves

NDL is the first manufacturer of the CRN-approved ball valves and check valves for pressures up to 140 bar. Our valves can hold five times their maximum working pressure, netting a tremendous safety margin for any ball valve used in CO2 systems.

  • Size and Connections
    A wide range of sizes and connection types makes our valves compatible with main pipe types manufactured from copper iron alloys and stainless steel
  • Stainless Steel Body
    The NDL CO2 valves feature a stainless steel body for stainless steel and copper-alloy connections
  • Tested for High Quality
    Each valve is helium tested at the factory to guarantee leak-free performance
  • Teflon Seals and Seats
    Reduce service calls, refrigerant loss, and environmental contamination with our cone-shaped 100% virgin Teflon seals and seats that will not shrink or leak, eliminating seal replacement during changeovers.
  • Bottom-Up Stem Installation
    Our stem placement is engineered from the bottom up. If there is an accidental over-pressurization in the valve, It will not blow the stem out and lose the charge. Plus, using the virgin Teflon seals ensures no need for seal replacement.
  • Unparalleled Warranty
    Our two-year warranty proves confidence. Every valve is tested and the serial number is stamped. Valves are cleanly packaged in poly bag and boxed to prevent contamination in transit to the job sites

The CO2 lineup includes Stainless Steel Ball Valves, with thicker walls than the industry standard and have an all-around stronger stainless steel design to hold higher pressures.

The Stainless Steel Service Valves have similar attributes as the Ball Valves, and this design is ideal for system service applications where gauges must be used.

The Stainless Steel Check Valves are an essential component of any refrigeration system with their full-body stainless steel design that will ensure failure-free field performance.

The C194 Copper Ball Valves use thicker walls than the industry standard and have C19400 copper stubs for easy installation.

Our C194 Copper Check Valves hold the same attributes as the stainless steel check valves and are a must-have for refrigeration systems.