Ball Valves

Refrigeration Ball Valves 2020-03-03T19:54:18-08:00

Our Ball Valves offer higher performance and reliability

  • All NDL Ball Valves are FULL PORT, from 1/4″ to 4-1/8″.
  • All Ball Valves are engineered for HVAC/R applications.
  • Each individual Ball Valve is tested for high pressure capabilities before it leaves the factory.
  • NDL poly-bags the Ball Valve for cleanliness during transportation and storage. It is important to the refrigeration system to keep the valves clean; contaminants can cause expensive and destructive malfunctions.
  • The NDL Ball Valves use an innovative internal Teflon seal. Unlike the common use of neoprene as the seal material, NDL Ball Valves will not dry out and leak.
  • Teflon is also used in the Schrader Valve as the built-in seal. The added feature of this technology avoids the risk of over tightening the Schrader valve and causing an expensive leak situation.
  • NDL Ball Valves are packaged with mounting brackets and all necessary hardware inside the box.