Our Ball Valves offer higher performance and reliability

Engineered for refrigeration, commercial HVAC, VRV, VRF, and multi-mini split applications, NDL ball valves are best in its class.

  1. All of our ball valves are FULL PORT valves from 1/4″ to 4-1/8″. As the only full port valve available on the market, users can expect full flow and full capacity, ultimately lowering costs.
  2. Our seals and seats are made from 100% VIRGIN TEFLON. No hybrid, no synthetic seals — just virgin Teflon seals on both sides of the ball, two in the stem and one in the cap. Teflon seals are tough and oil-less and will not shrink, which means NO LEAKS. No refrigerant leaks saves money on service, refrigerant loss and environmental contamination.
  3. Uniquely engineered with the stem installed from the BOTTOM UP. Most stem assemblies on the market are built top-down, susceptible to failure if the valve is over-pressured. It can lead to loss of the total refrigerant charge. Our ball valve stems are installed from the bottom up. The crown of the stem seats against the base of the crown housing with a lock ring and torque nut. These hold the stem in place. Contact our customer service team to learn how to torque the nut if it is loosened.
  4. We OVEN BRAZE to prevent leaks. Most ball valves are robotic brazed with multiple passes, creating pin-hole leaks. Oven brazing provides an even braze so there are NO LEAKS.
  5. Our ball valves are TESTED with 95% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen solution. This is a smaller molecule than air or refrigerant so we can find any leaks in the plant where it is less costly to fix it than in the field. Each one is pressurized to 450 PSI to test for leaks.
  6. SERIAL NUMBERS ensure quality of products. Every ball valve is marked with a serial number to ensure quality. Each ball bag is packaged in a poly-bag for cleanliness during transportation and storage. It is important to the refrigeration system to keep the valves clean; contaminants can cause expensive and destructive malfunctions. Mounting brackets and all necessary hardware is included in the packaging.
  7. Every ball valve contains a cone-shaped Teflon seal that prevents leaks. Ball valves with access fittings usually leak within the 18 months because the seals dry out on the core. Using the Teflon seals, we are ensuring that it will be leak-free.
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