Copper Sweat Fittings Designed for Soldering

Staying on brand with NDL quality, the PAC copper fittings are similar to our ACR
copper fittings with outstanding fit and finish. These copper sweat fittings are designed
for soldering, with a zero reported failure rate.

  • Clean and packed ready to install
    Double-washed and poly-bagged in contractor-friendly
    sized quantities
  • Easily identified
    Size stamped on every fitting.
  • Ship Same Day/Next Day
    Exceptional customer service exemplified with
    accurate fulfillment rates and fast delivery.

Available types
• Elbows 90° Long Radius CxC
• Elbows 90° Long Radius Street
• Elbows 90° Short Radius CxC
• Elbows 90° Short Radius Street
• Elbows 45° CxC
• Elbows 45° Street
• Couplings Rolled Stop CxC
• Coupling Reduced CxC
• Bushing Reducing FTG x C
• Adapters Cup x Male NPT
• Adapters Cup x Female NPT
• Caps
• Unions
• Tees CxCxC
• Tees Reducing CxCxC
• P Traps
• Tubing Straps

Approvals and Certificates

ANSI/ASME B16.22, B16.29, B16.18, B16.15, B16.26, B16.24, B16.23 and NSF 61.

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