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How to win

  • Sell NDL Industries TW Filter Driers during the promotion period of August 17 to September 17, 2020
  • To be eligible, employee must sell TW Filter Drier and complete the entry online.
  • Winner is responsible to adhere to his/her own company’s policy prize programs and forfeit any prizes to his/her company if deemed necessary by his/her management. By participating in this contest, entrant agrees to be bound by all the rules in this contest.
  • Each branch will have chance to win a catered lunch based upon how many promotional points
    earned during the campaign. Branches who collect all the points will be entered in a raffle to
    determine the overall winner for the catered lunch.

    • Win points for the following. Proof would be with photos and uploaded to a landing page on the website.
      • Placing campaign flyers in store (1 point)
      • Attaching shelf tags (2 point per sign)
      • Installing social distancing floor signs (2 points per sign)
      • Installing promotional floor signs (2 points per sign)
      • Displaying the promotional video on the CCTV (1 point per day shown)
      • Placing campaign table top sign on counter (1 day per day on counter)
      • Hosting a NDL Industries Day at store and invite contractors for presentation (10 points per event)
      • Post on social media about the branch participating in the promotion (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram) and tag NDL Industries (10 points per post)